Quality was a major focus of TUNISIE SUCRE’s executive team from the very early beginnings in 2014 in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and respond to all their requirements by controlling all phases of production.

To achieve this, its laboratory carries out the necessary and required analyses on all product stages from raw sugar, to white refined sugar and up to molasses.

These analyses are part of a quality process specifically designed for the factory’s laboratory, managed by sugar manufacturing experts working in full compliance with the ICUMSA international standard.


  • Customer focus.
  • Controlling production tools and improving their efficiency in order to eliminate product-related risks and supply our customers with sugar meeting international requirements and standards.
  • Improving product quality thanks to the efficiency of the measures taken relative to production, control, and work processes.
  • Controlling costs through the relentless pursuit of efficiency.
  • Expanding exports and improving local market share.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Promoting work and health safety.


  • Our company conducted a detailed environmental study as well as an environmental risk assessment study out of which, it prepared an action plan that guarantees a safe environment to its personnel, compliance with all legal requirements, compliance with environmental standards and work and health safety standards, and more generally, a company that is open to its surroundings and respectful of the environment in all its constituent elements.
  • As such, the environmental dimension was thoughtfully taken into account when acquiring our manufacturing equipment by taking the following measures:
    • The creation of a treatment facility for manufacturing byproducts (an industrial waste disposal station) which produces water that is compliant with relevant environmental regulations.
    • Coordination efforts between the company and several environmental protection organisms to benefit from their recommendations and improve performance.

The Factory:

The factory’s production line possesses modern equipment using sophisticated control and automated operating techniques to produce sugar with a high precision as well as cutting edge, world-class automatic electronic control systems.

Production Process:

Our production process is divided into eight phases starting with the melting phase and culminating in the maturation phase. Below is the list of phases in our production process:

  • PHASE 0: Raw Sugar Unloading and Storage Unit.
  • PHASE 1: Melting Unit.
  • PHASE 2: Carbonization Unit.
  • PHASE 3: Filtration Unit.
  • PHASE 4: Decolorization Unit.
  • PHASE 5: Concentration Unit.
  • PHASE 6: Crystallization and Turbines Unit.
  • PHASE 7: Drying Unit.
  • PHASE 8: Extraction Unit.
  • PHASE 9: Boiler and Water Treatment Unit.
  • PHASE 10: Maturation, Packaging and Sales Unit.
  • PHASE 11: Seawater pumping, treatment and distribution.